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Looking for seamless delivery?

You have more important things to worry about than whether the products you ordered will arrive at a customer site. Comstor is committed to making sure your order is delivered when and where you need it. That’s why we offer unrivaled logistics support capabilities.

Our logistical services are designed to augment and complement your current capabilities, extend your geographic reach, provide you with hard-to-find technical specialties and give you the ability to pursue new market opportunities with little capital investment. We have a wide range of logistics services available around the clock and around the world:

Stock Profile
Comstor has the most comprehensive inventories of Cisco and complementary products in the world. These product lines are constantly reviewed to ensure that we maximize availability and meet customers’ delivery requirements.

Comstor offers a complete and tailored delivery service. Reliable same-day, short-notice courier deliveries are available in most locations around the world, and overnight shipments are our standard business model.

Custom Delivery Programs
Comstor can manage all aspects of a delivery program incorporating inventory management, storage, and international trade with dedicated representation worldwide. Customer specified documentation and packaging can be supplied and we can handle export documentation and customs regulations on behalf of both shipper and receiver.

For one low price, you can offload basic staging to Comstor, and instantly free up your staff to concentrate on more profitable work. Our team offers these services to ensure your customers’ satisfaction, and protect against DOAs or improper configurations.

A dedicated laboratory environment with fully trained technical staff is available for all customer configuration needs. This can range from simple loading of memory, to loading and testing of site specific software and IOS™, to the product being delivered in full “open-and-plug-in” mode.

Testing and Burn-In
Our team of experts run compatibility tests and benchmarks according to your requirements. And product is burned-in to guard against failure.

Asset Tagging
Comstor helps with asset tagging by recording equipment serial numbers and customer-specified information, and then applies customer labels.

Short- and Long-Term Storage
Comstor provides a variety of storage (warehousing) services. These services include:
Long-Term Warehousing (for a period that will exceed 90 days)
Short-Term Warehousing (for a period NOT to exceed 90 days)
Staggered Shipping: Comstor’s standard storage agreement allows you to ship all product in storage to a single address at the end of the storage period at no additional cost, excluding freight charges.
(If you would like to selectively ship product in staggered amounts over staggered timeframes, this service is available at an additional fee, excluding freight.)

Quality Assurance
Finally, the fully-integrated product goes through a strict quality-assurance check. Our quality-control technicians verify the software load, test the unit for functionality and module compatibility, and recheck the component list and service requested against the sales order. The project coordinator ensures shipment as instructed by you.

All Comstor deliveries are offered with a fully-managed returned material service. Dedicated staff is available to coordinate and arrange customer returns.

Contact your Comstor Account Manager ( to ensure you receive the right products in the right place, when you need them.





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