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Dağıtım ortağınız, çok etkili satış yapmanızı desteklemek için tüm unsurları sağlarsa işinize yardımcı olur muydu?


Satış ekibiniz, satış döngüsü boyunca, daha etkili ve dolayısıyla daha kârlı olabilirse işinize yardımcı olur muydu?


Ve bu kaynaklar müşterileriniz en çok ihtiyaç duyduğu teknolojiler ise işinize yardımcı olur muydu? 

Comstor olarak biz sizi desteklemek için  her zaman yeni yollar arıyor ve işinizi büyütmek için yardımcı oluyoruz.

Dağıtım sadece başlangıçtır.





Comstor is the leading Distributor of Cisco's Comstor's in-depth technical advanced networking products.  We provide expertise and experience at each stage of the sales process, including consultancy, design, implementation and support for single site through to multi-site and multi-national environments. Comstor also provides the services, support programs, training, and tools needed to make you more profitable and competitive.

Our difference is the passion we have for technology and product expertise. We know that to be the best Cisco distributor, we need to focus our efforts on our core competencies and help you grow your business. That's why we focus our attention solely on distributing networking, convergence, security and wireless technologies.  Our services to Reseller partners include:

  • Free pre and post sales support
  • Expert Professional Services
  • Unbeatable Logistics
  • Unique Cisco Training Centre and Support Team
  • Outstanding Account Management
  • Marketing Support

Professional and Technical Services: One of the enormous strengths of Comstor is the pre-sales support to you by a team of highly skilled technology experts. Access to these experts represents an invaluable resource that can be used by you to work with them on preparing tender responses, and even designing technology solutions that best meet your customers' requirements. Comstor's professional services are designed to complement your skills and resources. By taking advantage of our services, you can extend your geographical coverage, support new products and services, and develop your internal knowledge and experience. 

As a result, you will:

  • Achieve higher margins through solution selling
  • Increase internal market knowledge and insight
  • Eliminate the need to "shop around" and compare solutions
  • Receive increased recognition from vendors
  • Capitalise on lucrative business opportunities
  • Offer outstanding professional services and support



Aside from providing you with the best possible selection of products, we work with you to help you exploit the potential of those products within your customer base. We achieve this by supporting you with expert knowledge, vendor-accredited sales and technical training, marketing assistance and a range of value-add professional services.

Within the programmes you will find:

  • Selling Tools: Access to unique material, tools, information and training to increase  your competitive advantage, to achieve faster identification of business opportunities in high-growth markets, to increase knowledge of market conditions and competition and an in-depth understanding of technology
  • Promotions and Events: in one quick overview you are updated on all the existing promotions from all our vendors. You can also specify your search on different topics, for example Security promotions or SMB oriented promotions.

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